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The unrestrained religious revile intellectuals

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Question: Publication date: 19-07-2007
Title:   The unrestrained religious revile intellectuals
Content:   The Daat Emet staff debated whether or not to publish for our readers the nonsense and filth, lacking all substance and significance, which has been written about intellectuals and the members of Daat Emet.
In the end it was decided that it would be best to present before the secular public what passes for dialogue amongst the religious and their response when they find themselves helpless and left with nothing to say aside from curses. The secular public must understand that even the "calm" (as the writer below designates himself) amongst the religious, when they find themselves faced with a test of tolerance, listening, and a dialogue between equals, their calm facade collapses. In their anger one can see the hidden niches of their hearts. Another thing that led to the decision to publish this insolent response is the honor of intellectuals and the cultural elite. We showed the filth to professors who support us, requesting a reply. Some did reply and others decided that arguments such as these, which do not discuss the issues at hand, deserve no reply.

Here is the argument by the religious person, and following it is the response by our supporters.

By chance I happened upon your site.
Your appalling site managed to drive even a calm Jew like me crazy. It is clear to me that you are not Jews, and the blurbs you have received from neo-Nazi professors do not impress me. It's possible you're simply gentiles (descendants of Amalek), or you may be part of the mixed multitudes, but whatever the case, I have one question: when you try to make good Jews abandon their religion and when you try to confuse them with pitiful, empty arguments, do you not betray your own pseudoideology of freedom for all? I assume that you'll also have a wily answer for this…but as you know, you are at the level of the worse evildoers, those of whom it is said " let the wicked stuff themselves with it till they die" (may it be speedily in our days, Amen).



Why were you appalled? If you have something to say relevant to the matter at hand, if you can point to some error or misunderstanding of some detail, do so. For example, it is easy to write "empty arguments." But can you prove that they are indeed empty arguments? You do indeed have the freedom to speak and no one is prevent you from speaking, so why do you call it a "pseudoideology"?
If you believe that one may say whatever he wants to, what do you care if it is a Jew or a non-Jew who is speaking to you?
A common saying is "accept the truth from whomever speaks it." This is not a wily answer, it is the simple truth.
Your acrimony is worthless. It would be best were you to examine those items which enraged you. Perhaps, in the end, you will admit to the validity of the criticism.

Uzzi Ornan

We feel sorry for you, our brother Amit!!!!

We regret that you are so short sighted you cannot see that Judaism has many aspects. There is the stream of neo-Karaites who call themselves Orthodox and champion an attachment to the old. There is a neo-Sabbatean stream which sanctifies land and tries to speed the Redemption. There is a stream called Reform which tries -- with more or with less success -- to develop a Judaism relevant to the modern era. And there is…and there is…and there is…and there is also -- you will certainly find it difficult to understand -- a secular stream. Yes, there has been a flowering secular Judaism for the past two hundred years. There is even a stream which calls itself Jewish atheism.

None of these streams has a monopoly on Judaism. A Jew can adopt the stream which seems to him the most appropriate. It will be his truth and of equal value to other truths. Whatever the truth is to a specific Jew, it is no more correct and no less correct than that of his neighbor, who follows a different stream of Judaism. A Jew may adopt this aspect or that, but it is most appropriate, most acceptable, and perhaps even required of a person who seems himself as a Jew to recognize and understand a range of Judaisms.

We regret that you, our brother Amit, have chosen blindness, have chosen to erect walls around a single aspect and cannot peek out of the prison you have built for yourself and discover that on the other side of the wall there are many different, varied, and fascinating Judaisms in play, flowering and flourishing.

What a pity!!!!!

Shmuel Ben-Dor


As you know, even the wisest of men was unsure of whether it was appropriate to answer a fool with his own stupidity or not. I don't know who wrote the letter, but it is clear that he is not able to cope with the arguments published by Daat Emet and reacts to them with curses. It is certainly easy enough to reject most of my beliefs and there might not be any difficulty in sticking derogatory names on me, but neo-Nazi??? My mother was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. My father's family was "lucky" -- the threats and curses of the Nazi thugs very early on made it clear to German Jews that they should emigrate before their lives were endangered. I feel sorry got a correspondent who finds himself helpless when the principles of his faith are thrown into doubt, but he will have to find himself more successful modes of coping. Of cases like this it has already been said, "If you want to listen…."


Nati Linial

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