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Gil The Student

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Question: Publication date: 02-03-2006
Title:   Gil The Student
Content:   I just wanna tell you that there is a website that gives response to allmost all of your articles. I think it would be very good if you took an open discussion with Gil The Student about the issues. I know you are only searching for the truth as I am. After visiting Gil the Students website "Torat Emet", I kind of felt that his answers were convincing me, that your answers are wrong. Please, either I link to his website or take a discussion with him. The URL is: http://www.aishdas.org/toratemet/

Answer: Publication date: 02-03-2006
Title:   Gil The Student
Content:   Dear Danny,

We have been quite familiar with Gil Student and his writings for many years. This man, unlike you and us, has no interest in searching for truth. His sole concern is crude apologetics, as he uses every means at his disposal to prove that every word in the Torah is true. To this end, he engages in confidence tricks and fact juggling, in manipulating the facts and outright deception. He is completely unfazed by the fact that he frequently emasculates the Jewish tradition, and even the Torah a fascinating historical and literary record. What he is concerned with is Orthodox Judaism as such, and that is what he sets out to preserve.

We cannot but express our regret over the fact that you seem to have bought his long discredited arguments. That is unfortunate for anyone who really seeks the truth, whatever his beliefs, deserves something better than the postulates of Gil Student.

As always, we do not want our assertions to remain unsubstantiated. You are not obliged to take our word for it. Let us, then, discuss any topic that is of interest to you. If you wish, you can use the arguments offered by Student and we will see how far they take you.


Daat Emet

P.S. Incidentally, Daat Emet has an essay about the attempts of different religious authors to answer our arguments: Dealing with the Contradictions Between Torah and Reason. We do not take issue there specifically with Gil Student, but the approaches he utilizes in his writings fall basically into the categories described in that essay.

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