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The possibility of the existence of a supernatural force

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Question: Publication date: 15-02-2006
Title:   The possibility of the existence of a supernatural force
Content:   Dear Daat Emet staff! I surf your site and the sites of outreach organizations while trying to ignore the power games, mutual disdain, etc… What's really important is the facts.
There's no question but that you very professionally refute the words of the Torah. But all this dialogue is worthless without a real answer to the basic question of how the world was created. I read a scientific study by E. Larson, according to which 40% of the world's physicists and chemists have strong faith. Of the remaining 60%, many admitted that there is no scientific solution to the riddle of the creation of the world, and so they make do with the theory of the Big Bang, though it has not stood up to the test of laboratory experiments conducted to date.
Similarly, what do you think of John Horgan's article in Scientific American, "Profile: Francis H.C. Crick," (if you want, I can send you a copy translated into Hebrew) which claims that the likelihood of a living cell being created by processes not directed by a supernatural (divine) source is non-existent and ridiculous?
Thanks for your answer.



Answer: Publication date: 15-02-2006
Title:   The possibility of the existence of a supernatural force
Content:   Dear Rita,

Daat Emet does not deal with the issue of the existence/non-existence of a supernatural power or with how the world exists. this is for two reasons:
1. Man's intellect cannot grasp creation ex-nihilo nor the infinite, so one cannot deal with this issue. One who says "G-d created Man" means to say that he does not know how the world was created. There is no difference between an atheist who more honestly states that he cannot and is not capable of understanding his existence and the theist, who claims that "G-d" created the world, yet who does not know or recognize his god.
2. The question of the existence of a supernatural power (a question which stems from man's consciousness, yet which causes him distress) is not relevant to the question of how a country in general, and how a person specifically, should manage daily life.

Daat Emet discusses criticism of the Scriptures and Halacha for the purpose of showing how irrelevant they are to life in our times, both in terms of values and in practical terms. If you draw the same conclusions as we do, if you accept the moral values of the enlightened world and your life is based on reason, then we have achieved our goals.
For more discussion of the topic, see our answer to Evolution and G-d and the links we listed there.
Also read the Ynet Hebrew article Between Theology and Religion.


Daat Emet

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