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A wave of deceitful writings is publicized through the mails

Intensification in distribution of apostatical leaflets by a dangerous cult of apostates

The public is called upon to destroy the heretical pamphlets being distributed throughout the country

Shinui activists who broke into a yeshiva in K'far Chabad were thrown out in disgrace

The limits of secularism

A new wave of the apostatic pamphlets

Warnings against heretical pamphlets distributed by mail

Unknown people broke into a study hall in central Bnei Brak and left inflammatory pamphlets

Yated Neeman

Distribution of the heretical Daat Emet pamphlets in Jerusalem yeshivot continues

Heretical pamphlets are being distributed in Charedi neighborhoods in Haifa and the north

Educators warn about imposters distributing heretical pamphlets in Charedi neighborhoods

Beware: Repeated attempt to sneak heretical pamphlets into the yeshiva world

In consultation with rabbis and educators, yeshiva students have released a pamphlet with answers to the heretical pamphlets which have been distributed in Charedi neighborhoods

Strike his teeth and say to him...

Heretical pamphlets were distributed in Charedi neighborhoods in the Negev on Friday night

An additional wave of heretical pamphlets is being distributed in Charedi neighborhoods

Speculation: Distributors of the heretical pamphlet are using the Bezeq databases

Yeshiva students are shocked by the comprehensive information found in the hands of the heretical pamphlets' distributors

Warning: heretical and blasphemous pamphlets being distributed in Charedi neighborhoods

Parents! Guard the faith of your children!

The truth of matters

Unknown persons continue to distribute the heretical Daat Emet pamphlets

Yom LeYom

Garbage in the mailbox

Or L'Achim Organization

Meretz activists in Holon are distributing hostile pamphlets in mailboxes

Anti-religious distribute heretical pamphlets in Bnei Brak


Moses erred about the hyrax and hare

Response to: Moses erred about the hyrax and hare

The goal: Taking god out of the business

Untrue knowledge

All the best and bye

Lifestyles: The way back

Breaking through an open door


The press, as the written media, has the power to present Daat Emet from a different angle, from the outside. Therefore we include this section to show how the Charedi press "judges" a movement which seeks to create a dialogue within its precincts and strongholds and which shakes the foundations of faith in the tents of Torah. Similarly, we show how the secular press covers a revolutionary movement which initiates activities against the religious outlook while simultaneously strengthening enlightenment.


Shinui activists came to provoke residents of K'far Chabad

After the fact: It's not enough to be right, you have to be smart

Facing instigators and agitators

Daat Emet pamphlets are distributed in Chabad neighborhoods in Israel


Secret Convocation: The lies of Daat Emet

Daat Emet

Daat Emet II

Deceptive words

When those who have "returned to question" distribute words of Torah

Flyers, leaflets,
and announcements

Do not turn to the Idols

Not knowledge and not truth




Jerusalem Report

Should we reject religious Judaism if the Talmud is not literally the word of God?

The Heretic page 1

The Heretic page 2

The Heretic page 3

Other Press

Maariv: Shinui activists were attacked in K'far Chabad

Yediot Aharonot: The secular underground exposed

Mekomon: Daat Emet is coming to town

Al HaSharon: To pound knowledge in truth

Tzomet HaSharon: Dozens of Charedi stormed a Herzliya hall and tried to disrupt a secular event

Mekomon Ramat Gan/Givatayim:
A conference in favor of separating state and religion will be held in Ramat Gan

Emtzah Netanya: Police prepare for a religious war

Kaveret - Between Enlightenment and Ignorance: Daat Emet Leads a Revolution