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The male raven who suspected Noah desired the female raven and why Africans are Black

One who thought he heard the braying of a donkey but really heard a shofar has not fulfilled his obligation

Do we suspect a man and his ex-wife who enter a hotel room in the presence of two witness mean to remarry?

A woman who betrayed her husband and denies it must drink the holy waters to be examined

A widow who puts on make up and jewelry loses her right to be supported from the assets of her late husband

How do we reconcile reality which contradicts prophecy?

Worms which are permitted and which are forbidden for consumption

How do we know that a woman has 252 limbs?

What sounds must be made in blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah -- whimpers or moaning?

A boy becomes a man when he grows two hairs, even from the same follicle

One who repents from apostasy will die but one who repents of his sexual licentiousness will not die

A lamb given to a prostitute as payment for sexual favors may not be brought as a sacrifice

One who has sexual relations with her own brother is considered a harlot

The Holy Temple was destroyed because of girls who seduced young men

Is a cohen permitted to take war captives?

A mother who had sexual relations with her son is forbidden to marry a cohen

Definition of sexual relations for purposes of marriage and adultery

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