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Daily PilPul

One who designated black and white doves for consumption and found that their places were switched

Two men who sleep naked, back to back, may recite the Shema

Is one permitted to say the Shema while wearing a sandal which has excrement stuck to it?

When are worms permissible for eating?

One who removes a nut from his house on the Sabbath and places it in a vessel floating on a river: liable or exempt?

Is one permitted to learn Torah in the presence of the odor of flatulence?

A woman gives birth to a lamb and the father marries the lamb off -- may the husband of the lamb marry the sister of the lamb?

Is one permitted to drink donkey urine as a cure for jaundice?

Gentiles customarily have intercourse with animals belonging to Jews, but not with their own animals

One who immerses himself in a ritual bath and wants to pray at the proper time

Is one permitted to sell a white rooster to a gentile? What is the rule for a rooster with missing claws?

One who kidnaps a sleeping person and a pregnant woman and sold them

An animal which was slaughtered and in her womb was a fetus shaped like a person -- may the fetus be eaten?

The blood of a bull which dripped into a bowl and was spilled cannot be used to atone for sinners

Having sexual relations with a virgin on the Sabbath: permitted or forbidden?

A woman whose menstrual blood flows through a tube in her vagina is pure

A man who has a seminal emission by means of a toothpick