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Religion & Ethics

Morality in Halacha - In the Jewish religion there is no morality, only obedience to G-d's commands. The world was created for a defined goal and purpose: for the Jewish nation to perform G-d's command, even at the price of their personal happiness.

The Jewish Nation Is The People Chosen To Fulfill The Purpose Of Creation - The basic belief of Judaism is a seed of calamity which leads to racism and discrimination.

Gentiles in Halacha - An essay by Rabbi David Bar Chaim clarifies Judaism's arrogant, degrading, and racist attitude toward gentiles.

The Status of Women in Halacha - The woman is treated as an aide and assistant to the man and as such she is disenfranchised in the legal system, from holding high office, she is forbidden to study the Talmud, and she does not inherit from her parents or her husband.

The Secular Jew's Place in Halacha - The treatment of the secular as a criminal Jew; one who has announced his rejection of G-d or the Divine Revelation to man is an apostate and heretic whom one is commanded to kill with no trial or hearing.

Violence in the Charedi-Religious Sector - Verbal and physical violence receives a stamp of approval from the Halachic legal system; it is an inevitable result of the lack of tolerance for the stranger and the different.

How the Charedi Deal with Exile Under Democratic Regimes - A frightening summary of a book written by a Charedi scholar, suggesting how the "G-d fearing Jew" can confront enlightenment and equality.

Emor - Discrimination against women and the disabled amongst cohanim.

Korach - The Torah permits killing people to consecrate them to G-d.

Balak - Halacha permits the killing of gentiles and apostates.

Pinchas - A daughter is the property of her father, according to the Torah.

Matot - One is permitted to kill a gentile, according to the Torah and Halacha.

Re'eh - The laws of the Torah and democratic values.


The Orthodox religious ideology and the enlightened secular ideology cannot live side-by-side and are inevitably locked into eternal battle as long as both exist as some people's fundamental values. In this section we reveal the vast chasms between these two world views to allow the citizens of Israel (who want an enlightened country based on reason, the dignity of man, his happiness and his freedom, equality, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and personal ritual) a glimpse at how dangerous is the existence of institutionalized religion -- the Chief Rabbinate and independent educational systems which are, de facto, political/religious organizations opposing Zionism and which seek to undermine the values of democracy.