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Torah Text

The Variety of Torah Texts - An organized table showing the differing texts within three contemporary versions of the Torah and the differences between the Talmud, the Zohar, and the accepted modern version.

A comparison between the modern text of Genesis and the Septuagint - To help complete the picture of the changes to the Scriptural text we present to our readers the Septuagint text of Genesis, noting the differences as compared to our modern version. These include significant differences in content, such as the number of years since the Creation of the world. Changes in the text support our argument that the crystallization of the Scriptural text is a result of a process which took years, in which human decisions were given 'Divine' force. This is the religious paradox with which the faithful live.

On Letter Skips in the Torah - We will show that thousands of letters were changed over the course of generations, a matter which did not stop 'outreach professionals' from claiming that the Torah includes hidden codes which can be revealed by skipping letters.

Pamphlet 9 - This pamphlet shows changes between the ancient Hebrew script and the modern and discusses in which script the Ten Commandments were written. Also discussed is how the Israelites behaved when a scroll of the Torah was found and they suddenly found out that they must celebrate Passover.

The differences between the Babylonian tradition of the Torah and our text - A table with the differences between the Babylonian Masoretic text and the modern version is brought. In this table there are 14 completely different words and 25 differences of plene and defective spellings, in an examination of only one fifth of the entire text.

Vayera - The Sages, on their own authority, corrected verses of the Scriptures.

Toldot - Distortions which occurred in the text of the Torah "from Sinai".

Vayishlach - Scriptural verses written after Sinai.

Shemot - Changes in the script and language of the Torah since Sinai.

Vayakhel - Actions forbidden on the Sabbath were determined by the Sages and are not even hinted at in the Torah.

Devarim - Ibn Ezra: criticism in the face of tradition.

V'Zot HaBracha - Sections of the Torah were written after the era of Moses.

Each generation and its own Holy Writ - The Holy Writ was finalized in the first centuries CE according to arbitrary decisions by the Sages.

The Prophet Ezekiel Contradicts the Words of the Torah - How the traditional rabbis handled the contradictions in Ezekiel.


The Scriptural text which has been formalized in our era is the product of human decisions over the course f the past centuries. Changes in the text, the various versions, and the precisions in reading the Scriptural text lead to one clear conclusion: the text was written in different eras, leading to its final crystallization. In this section we present the curious reader with the versions of the Torah text, interpretations of Chazal based on mistaken versions, sections whose content points to later authorship, and the way in which it was determined which books would be included in the Holy Writ.