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Archeological Findings Help Determine the Era in which the Torah Was Written - An illustrative excerpt from the book Reishit Yisrael by Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silverman.

The Education System Against the State -

Dealing with the Contradictions Between Torah and Reason - We show 7 different ways the religious insulate themselves from reality and reason, which contradict their faith. We answer the rabbis who defend their faith and their god from the writings of Daat Emet.

What the Sages Knew About Pi - We will clarify Chazal's errors in relation to the circumference of a circle and its diameter (pi).

What the Sages Knew About Animals - We will show that the Sages were not expert in the number of pure animals and their strange distinction between animals and wildlife.

What the Sages Knew About Fish - We show that Chazal erred in the signs of fish, and so permitted the forbidden.

The knowledge of the Sages on the structure of the world - The dome of the sky, which includes windows to that the sun may rise and set through them, the 7 firmaments above each other, and above them all -- G-d.

What the Sages Knew About the Shape of the Earth - We will show that the Sages thought the earth was flat and covered by the dome of the sky, that it is the center of the solar system, and that the sun revolves around it.

Magic in the Talmud - In the Talmud you will find a great deal of witchcraft, incantations, spirits, and evil ghosts; the concept of /magic/ is a subjective and political construct of the believer.

The Scroll of Esther--A Historical Romance - How a comical story turned into part of the Holy Writ.

Circumcision - We will clarify that the religious ceremony, between man and G-d, poses a danger to the infant's life and keeps him from sexual pleasure.

Mezuzah - We will show that synagogues, schools, universities…are exempt from having mezuzot.


These essays deal with various topics and serve as a direct continuation of the pamphlets, drawing back the curtain and showing the errors in science, distortion in halacha, and superstitions are not isolated events but bluster through the length and breadth of Halacha and the Holy Writ.

Shemita - We will show that determining the sabbatical year (the seventh year) was done based on Chazal's erroneous view of historical reality.

Prophecy - We will show that prophecy is not a vision of the future, for it is made up.

Clarification of the Words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - This essay is aimed at Chabad Chassidim, who rely blindly on the words of their rabbi.